Hearing Aids and Motorcycles: Finding a Balance

Hearing aids while riding a motorcycle
Main IssueMost people choose to take off their hearing aids while riding motorcycles due to wind noise, excessive amplification of motorcycle noise, and feedback caused by wearing a helmet over the hearing aids.
Tips for Wearing Hearing Aids– Turn hearing aids to mute and use Bluetooth features for streaming.
– Consider using hearing aids with wind noise suppression, such as the Oticon Real hearing aids.
– Use the app to decrease high-frequency sounds if feedback occurs.
– Adjust the volume of the hearing aids if the motorcycle noise is too loud.

Riding a motorcycle can be an exhilarating experience, but for those who rely on hearing aids, it can present some challenges. Many individuals choose to remove their hearing aids while riding due to various reasons. In this article, we will explore the main issues faced by hearing aid users when it comes to motorcycles and provide some helpful tips for finding a balance between hearing assistance and motorcycle enjoyment.

The Main Issues

Hearing Aid Wind Noise on Motorcycles

One of the primary reasons why people opt to remove their hearing aids while riding motorcycles is the wind noise. When riding at high speeds, the turbulence on the microphones of the hearing aids creates excessive noise in the ears. This wind noise can be distracting and make it difficult to hear other important sounds, such as traffic or communication from fellow riders.

Excessive Amplification of Motorcycle Noise

Motorcycles, by nature, are loud machines. The roar of the engine and the sound of the wind rushing past can be overwhelming, even without the assistance of hearing aids. Wearing hearing aids while riding can amplify these noises, leading to discomfort and potential damage to the ears.

Feedback from Wearing a Helmet

Wearing a helmet over hearing aids can cause feedback issues. The pressure exerted by the helmet can disrupt the proper functioning of the hearing aids, resulting in a high-pitched whistling sound known as feedback. This not only affects the wearer’s ability to hear clearly but can also be irritating and distracting.

Tips for Wearing Hearing Aids on a Motorcycle

wearing hearing aids while riding a motorcycle

While it may seem challenging to strike a balance between hearing assistance and motorcycle enjoyment, there are a few tips that can help make the experience more manageable.

Use Hearing Aids on Mute to Still Allow Bluetooth Streaming

Consider switching your hearing aids to mute mode while riding. This way, you can still take advantage of the Bluetooth features of your hearing aids, such as streaming music or receiving calls, without the interference of wind noise or excessive amplification of motorcycle noise.

To turn your hearing aids to mute while riding, there are a few methods you can try. First, check if your hearing aids have a corresponding phone app. Most modern hearing aids can be controlled through a smartphone app, allowing you to easily toggle the mute function on and off. Simply open the app and look for the mute option.

Alternatively, your audiologist may have enabled a specific mute program in your hearing aids. To access this program, you can use the program change button on your hearing aids. Depending on the model, you may need to press and hold the program change button for a few seconds to activate the mute mode.

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the specific instructions for your hearing aids, as different models may have different methods for muting the sound. If you’re unsure, consult your audiologist for guidance on how to effectively mute your hearing aids while riding your motorcycle.

Opt for Hearing Aids with Wind Noise Suppression

Some hearing aids come equipped with wind noise suppression technology. These advanced devices are designed to reduce the impact of wind noise, allowing for a more comfortable and enjoyable riding experience. If you prefer to have the hearing aid microphones on while riding, consider investing in the latest technology, such as the Oticon Real hearing aids as they are the most recent to come out with AI-driven wind noise reduction.

Use the App to Decrease High-Frequency Sounds

If feedback becomes a problem while wearing hearing aids under a helmet, most modern hearing aids have accompanying smartphone apps or iWatch controls that allow you to adjust various settings. Use the app to decrease the volume of high-frequency sounds, which are more likely to cause feedback. This can help alleviate the issue and improve overall sound quality.

Adjust the Volume of the Hearing Aids

If the noise from the motorcycle becomes too loud, consider reducing the volume of your hearing aids. This can help prevent excessive amplification of the motorcycle noise and provide a more comfortable riding experience.

In conclusion, while there are challenges to wearing hearing aids while riding motorcycles, it is not impossible to find balance. By following these tips and exploring the latest advancements in hearing aid technology, individuals can enjoy the freedom of the open road while still benefiting from their hearing aids. Remember, safety should always be a priority, so find the solution that works best for you and ride with confidence.

Jonathan Javid Au.D.

Jonathan Javid Au.D., a seasoned audiologist with an extensive background in the field of audiology. With over 11 years of invaluable clinical experience, Jonathan has dedicated his career to helping individuals enhance their hearing and improve their quality of life.

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