Oticon’s SuddenSound Stabilizer: Providing Clarity and Comfort

As we age, hearing loss becomes a common problem, and many people use hearing aids to improve their hearing. But hearing aids are not perfect, and sudden sounds can be particularly challenging for people with hearing loss. Oticon, a leading hearing aid manufacturer, has developed a solution to this problem: the SuddenSound Stabilizer. This is part of the features that came out brand new in the Oticon Real hearing aids. Other features include Wind and Handling Noise Stabilizers and Brainhearing technologies.

Source Oticon Presentation on Audiology Online

What is the SuddenSound Stabilizer?

The SuddenSound Stabilizer is a technology that is integrated into Oticon Real hearing aids. It is designed to detect sudden sounds and reduce the amplification of those sounds, providing users with greater comfort and reducing listening effort.

How Does the SuddenSound Stabilizer Work?

Source Oticon Presentation on Audiology Online

The SuddenSound Stabilizer is fast and precise enough to instantly detect when a sudden sound occurs. It provides the appropriate gain reduction and instantly releases the gain when the sound ends. This ensures that access to speech is maintained in the presence of sudden sounds. The SuddenSound Stabilizer is an automatic and precise detector, providing both clarity and comfort.

Benefits of the SuddenSound Stabilizer

With the SuddenSound Stabilizer, hearing aid users no longer need to sacrifice either aspect of signal processing. Clarity and excellent sound quality are what the patients need to hear well in situations without being uncomfortable. The SuddenSound Stabilizer breaks the link between clarity and comfort, and the research supports the patient benefits of the technology.

A study conducted by Oticon using pupillometry to measure the effects of the SuddenSound Stabilizer on listening effort found that the technology significantly reduces listening effort in the presence of sudden sounds by 22%. Additionally, there was no impact on speech understanding when the SuddenSound Stabilizer was activated, indicating that speech isn’t compromised when the technology is working.

Improved Speech Clarity

Speech clarity is another critical aspect of hearing aid technology, and Oticon Real provides an additional SNR benefit in both default and maximum settings with SuddenSound Stabilizer. In comparison, Oticon More’s transient noise management only addresses loud sounds. Oticon Real outperforms transient noise management in Oticon More.


The SuddenSound Stabilizer is an excellent addition to Oticon Real hearing aids and makes hearing aids more natural sounding and a better user experience. It provides users with both clarity and comfort, reducing listening effort by 22% and improving speech clarity. This technology is particularly beneficial for people who struggle with sudden sounds, including mechanics or musicians who need access to sudden soft sounds. Oticon’s SuddenSound Stabilizer is an innovative and useful solution to a common hearing aid problem. This is one of the reasons I recommend Oticon Real as my current number 1 pick for hearing aids.

Jonathan Javid Au.D.

Jonathan Javid Au.D., a seasoned audiologist with an extensive background in the field of audiology. With over 11 years of invaluable clinical experience, Jonathan has dedicated his career to helping individuals enhance their hearing and improve their quality of life.

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