The Risks You Need to Know Before Buying Hearing Aids Online

If you are considering buying hearing aids online or OTC hearing aids, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks. While online shopping can be convenient and cost-effective, there are certain risks associated with buying hearing aids online that you should be aware of.

Lack of Professional Guidance

When purchasing hearing aids online, one major risk is the lack of professional guidance throughout the process. When working with a professional hearing healthcare provider such as an audiologist, you receive support from a trained professional who can help you make the best choices for your hearing health. This includes not only selecting the right hearing aids for your needs but also offering guidance on how to wear and maintain them. They can also help troubleshoot any issues you experience and make necessary adjustments to your hearing aids.

Without a professional guiding you through the process, you may end up with hearing aids that don’t suit your needs or that don’t fit properly. This can lead to discomfort, poor sound quality, and wasting money on hearing aids you don’t like. Additionally, without professional guidance, you may not know how to clean and take care of your hearing aids or how to address issues that arise. This can result in additional expenses for repairs or replacements that could have been avoided with proper guidance.

Incorrect Fit

Another risk of buying hearing aids online is getting an incorrect fit. When hearing aids don’t fit properly, they may not provide adequate amplification, which can cause you to miss out on important sounds. Poorly fitting hearing aids can also cause discomfort and even pain, which can discourage you from wearing them regularly. In some cases, an incorrect fit can even lead to damage to your ears or hearing loss.

When purchasing hearing aids from a professional provider, you can expect a personalized fitting process. This typically includes a hearing evaluation, where your provider will measure your hearing and determine your specific needs. They may also take molds of your ears to ensure that your hearing aids fit properly. With online purchases, you miss out on this personalized fitting process, which can result in hearing aids that don’t fit properly and that don’t provide the best possible hearing outcomes.

Limited or No Warranty

When purchasing hearing aids online, you also run the risk of limited or no warranty coverage, you should check this before purchasing. Many online retailers (especially Amazon) offer hearing aids at lower prices than professional providers, but they may not provide the same level of warranty coverage. These devices are often PSAPs and not hearing aids at all. This can leave you responsible for any repairs or replacements that your hearing aids require, which can be costly.

In contrast, when purchasing hearing aids from a professional provider, you typically receive a warranty that covers repairs and replacements for a set period of time and is bundled into the initial price. This ensures that you have support when you need it and that you don’t have to worry about unexpected expenses. Additionally, professional providers often offer ongoing support for the life of your hearing aids, including follow-up appointments, cleanings, and adjustments as needed. This level of support can be invaluable in ensuring that your hearing aids continue to perform optimally over time.

Lack of Follow-Up Care

Another risk of purchasing hearing aids online is the lack of follow-up care. When you buy hearing aids from a professional provider, you can expect ongoing support to ensure that your hearing aids are working properly and that you are satisfied with their performance. This may include follow-up appointments to adjust your hearing aids, cleanings, and troubleshoot any issues that arise. A hearing healthcare professional can also provide education on how to properly care for your hearing aids, ensuring they last as long as possible and remain in good condition.

Without access to professional follow-up care, you may struggle to address issues that arise with your hearing aids. This can be particularly frustrating if you have invested a significant amount of money in your hearing aids. It can also make it difficult to determine when it’s time to upgrade or replace your hearing aids, leading you to continue using outdated devices that no longer meet your needs.

Working with a professional provider can also provide peace of mind, knowing that you have a reliable source of support for your hearing aids. If you have concerns or questions about your hearing aids, you can reach out to your provider for guidance and advice. This level of support can be especially important for those who are new to using hearing aids or who may have unique needs or preferences.


While buying hearing aids online can be convenient and cost-effective, it comes with certain risks. You should read plenty of reviews and guides for the device you buy to insure you are getting what you want. If you want to ensure that you get the best possible hearing aids for your needs, it’s important to work with a professional provider who can guide you through the process and provide you with the support you need.

Jonathan Javid Au.D.

Jonathan Javid Au.D., a seasoned audiologist with an extensive background in the field of audiology. With over 11 years of invaluable clinical experience, Jonathan has dedicated his career to helping individuals enhance their hearing and improve their quality of life.

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