Complete Guide To Cleaning A Hearing Aid Dome

How to clean a hearing aid dome
Do Hearing Aids Wear Out

As an audiologist, I have fitted hundreds of pairs of hearing aids in my career. Typically, I have found that after hearing aid users start to get the hang of things, they often come back a couple of months into wearing their hearing aids and ask clarifying questions about how to clean the dome of the hearing aid instead of merely replacing it.

During the initial fitting appointment, I always advise my patients to brush off the domes if they appear dirty. This is because there are many other things to think about and get used to when someone is wearing hearing aids for the first time, so initially, cleaning the domes is the least of their worries. However, once a patient has gotten used to wearing their hearing aids, they are ready for more in-depth instructions on how to fully clean the domes.

So, how do you clean the hearing aid dome? Follow these steps:

1. Remove the dome from the hearing aid. Use a brush or lint-free cloth to remove any visible wax or debris on it. Make sure the hole going through the center of the dome is clear of wax. If the dome is sticky, it may need a deeper cleaning. You can do this by using an alcohol wipe or by applying a drop of dish soap and rubbing it between your fingers while rinsing it off. However, make sure the dome has completely dried before putting it back on the hearing aid.

Proper cleaning of a hearing aid is essential to maintain its functionality and ensure that you can hear the best possible sound. When a dome gets dirty, the dirt can accumulate inside the hearing aid and reach the wax trap. If the wax trap gets clogged, you will not be able to hear anything, and your hearing aid may become ineffective. Knowing how and when to clean the hearing aid will help prevent frustration and reduce the cost of buying replacement domes and wax traps.

How to Specifically Deep Clean a Dirty Dome

Step 1

Remove the dome from the hearing aid by pulling it at an upward angle and peeling it off the hearing aid receiver or tubing. If you have trouble, you can consider using a dome removal tool.

Remove hearing aid dome for cleaning

Step 2

Using a brush or cloth, clean off all visible dirt on the dome. You can flip the dome inside out to clean the underside.

Clean hearing aid dome with a brush

Step 3

Use an alcohol wipe to clean the dome thoroughly, wiping it as completely as possible. This will disinfect the dome.

Clean hearing aid dome with an alcohol wipe

Step 4

If the dome is sticky, slippery, or has a film on it, place a drop of dish soap on the dome and rub it between your fingers for 30 seconds. This step will ensure that the dome is fully disinfected and removes any oils that have built up on it.

Clean hearing aid dome with dish soap

Step 5

Rinse the dome off completely, being careful not to let it go down the drain.

Rinse hearing aid dome

Step 6

Dry the dome completely with a dry cloth. You may also want to let it air dry for 30 minutes or even overnight to ensure that there is no moisture left in the interior tube that will go back on the hearing aid.

Dry hearing aid dome

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