About Hearing Insider

Hearing Insider is an internet company that aims to empower individuals with hearing loss or those living with individuals who have hearing loss. We provide valuable information and guidance on maximizing the benefits of hearing aids. Our articles are written to help patients overcome common challenges associated with hearing aids, ensuring they have the best possible experience.


Jonathan Javid, Au.D., founded HearReview in 2017 with the intention of creating a hearing aid review site. Recognizing the increasing trend of online hearing aid shopping, Jonathan sought to provide honest evaluations to help individuals make informed decisions without falling prey to deceptive marketing practices. However, after writing reviews for various hearing aids, he realized that people needed more than just product recommendations. They required professional audiologist guidance to address specific hearing aid and hearing loss issues. As a result, HearReview was eventually closed down.

In early 2018, Jonathan designed and launched Hearing Insider as a comprehensive resource for answering commonly asked questions about hearing aids. It serves as a quick-reference guide for individuals seeking solutions to common problems. While it does not replace the expertise of local professional audiologists, Hearing Insider aims to provide users with accessible answers that may save them a phone call.

We strongly emphasize the importance of consulting a professional audiologist for hearing tests and obtaining professional hearing aids. We encourage all individuals with hearing loss to schedule regular appointments with their chosen audiologist.

Hearing Insider initially had a modest reach, with only a few individuals benefiting from its content. However, the positive feedback received from users served as encouragement to continue and improve. Today, the website has grown exponentially, attracting a large audience each month. The increasing number of readers is a testament to the value and impact of our content.