Otofonix vs Lexie Hearing Aids. Both Quality OTC devices

Bose vs otofonix aids

Otofonix and Lexie are both hearing aid brands that offer a range of hearing aid models to suit the needs of different customers.

Otofonix hearing aids are known for their affordability and easy-to-use features. These hearing aids are designed to be worn in the ear and are available in different styles and colors. They come with a variety of features, including digital noise reduction, feedback suppression, and volume control. Otofonix hearing aids are also wireless and can be paired with smartphones and other devices through Bluetooth to use their app. Both hearing aids do not have streaming capabilities.

On the other hand, Lexie hearing aids are developed and partnered with Bose Corporation which is known for its high-quality audio products. Lexie hearing aids are designed with Bose’s proprietary noise reduction technology, which aims to provide clear and accurate sound reproduction in challenging listening environments. They also offer wireless connectivity, remote control, and a mobile app. Their noise reduction is less than professionally fit products but does a great job but so is their price.

Both brands have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the best option for you will depend on your specific needs, budget, and preferences.

Cost of Lexie Hearing aids vs Otofonix

Lexie Hearing aids vs Otofonix hearing aids

The cost of Lexie hearing aids can vary depending on the specific model, features, and technology included. Lexie hearing aids are partnered with Bose Corporation, which is known for its high-quality audio products, so they may be more expensive than some other OTC hearing aid brands.

The newest Lexie hearing aids called the B2 are $999 for the pair. Or you could buy a monthly subscription at only $49 per month. The last generation of devices is less at $799 or a subscription of $42 a month. But remember the Lexie Lumen does not have the Bose noise reduction in them.

I do recommend buying the hearing aids directly from the company on their website Lexie Hearing, or you can also purchase them at most Walgreen stores.

Otofonix devices are much cheaper.

Otofonix newest and top-of-the-line products are only $495 when they are on sale. However, their look and appearance of them are old-fashioned. If you can afford double the price, I would personally choose Lexie. The only place to buy Otofonix is on their website.

Disadvantages of Otofonix Hearing Aids

Otofonix hearing aids are known for their affordability and easy-to-use features, but like any other hearing aids, they also have certain disadvantages. Some of the potential disadvantages of Otofonix hearing aids include:

  • Limited features and technology: Otofonix hearing aids may not have as many features and advanced technology as some other hearing aids, which can limit their ability to provide optimal sound quality in challenging listening environments.
  • Hard to make programming changes, only preset settings are available.
  • Limited warranty: Otofonix hearing aids may come with a limited warranty compared to some other hearing aid brands.
  • Limited service and support: Otofonix is a relatively new brand in the hearing aid market, so the availability of service and support may be limited compared to more established brands.
  • Quality of components: As Otofonix hearing aids are more affordable than other hearing aid, the quality of the components used may not be as high as other brands.
  • Professional fitting: Otofonix hearing aids are available over the counter, they may not be tailored to your specific hearing needs, and may not provide optimal performance without the help of a professional.

It’s important to keep in mind that these are just potential disadvantages and your personal experience may be different. It is always a good idea to talk with a hearing healthcare professional to determine which hearing aid is the best option for you, taking into account your budget, your hearing needs, and your lifestyle.

Disadvantages of Lexie Hearing aids

Lexie hearing aids, developed by Bose Corporation, are known for their high-quality sound reproduction and advanced technology. However, like any other hearing aid, they also have certain disadvantages. Some of the potential disadvantages of Lexie hearing aids include:

  • High cost: Lexie hearing aids can be relatively expensive compared to other hearing aid brands, and may not be an affordable option for some people.
  • Limited fitting options: Lexie hearing aids are available in a limited number of styles, which may not be suitable for everyone and are intended only for those with mild to moderate hearing loss.
  • Limited hearing aid models: Lexie hearing aids have only a few hearing aid models, this may not give you the variety of options that other brands would offer.
  • Battery life: Lexie hearing aids are powered by rechargeable batteries, which may have a shorter battery life than hearing aids that use disposable batteries and the rechargeable batteries will wear out over the first few years..
  • Limited service and support: Lexie hearing aids may not be widely available in all countries, they are mainly sold in the United States.

It’s important to keep in mind that these are just potential disadvantages and your personal experience may be different


If I had to make a choice for myself. I would choose Lexie hearing aids. But for someone on a budget Otofoxix is also a good option.

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