Do Starkey Genesis or Evolve AI, Livio Edge AI Hearing Aids Pair with an iPad OS?

pair starkey hearing aids to Ipad os

At Hearing Insider, we aim to provide you with accurate and concise information about hearing aids. As a professional audiologist, I understand that embracing new technology can be a bit overwhelming, especially when it comes to connecting hearing aids with modern gadgets like iPads. I’m pleased to assure you that the answer to your question is yes. The Starkey Genesis, Evolve AI, and Livio Edge AI hearing aids do indeed pair with an iPad OS, and the process is quite simple.

Pairing Process

Pairing these Starkey hearing aids with an iPad is similar to pairing with an iPhone. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

  1. Restart Hearing Aids: Turn off and turn on your hearing aids to initiate fresh connectivity.
  2. Go to Settings on Your iPad: Tap on the ‘Settings’ icon on your iPad.
  3. Click on Accessibility: This option helps you configure your device for personal needs.
  4. Click on Hearing Devices: This will lead you to the section specifically designed to manage hearing aids.
  5. Look Under MFI Hearing Devices: Your hearing aids should appear here, allowing you to pair them with your iPad.

A Few Tips

  • Use MyStarkey App or Starkey Thrive App: These apps are designed to work on an iPad, and they can enhance your experience with your hearing aids.
  • Ensure Bluetooth is Enabled: Make sure the Bluetooth on your iPad is turned on to enable the pairing.
  • Consult Your Audiologist if Needed: Don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance if you encounter any difficulties.

Benefits of Pairing with iPad

Connecting your hearing aids to an iPad offers several advantages:

  • Enhanced Audio Control: Adjust volume and settings directly from your iPad.
  • Stream Music and Calls: Enjoy your favorite music and take calls without additional devices.
  • Personalized Experience: Customize your hearing preferences using the available apps.


Pairing your Starkey Genesis, Evolve AI, or Livio Edge AI hearing aids with an iPad OS is a straightforward process that opens up new possibilities for comfort and control. Embrace this technology to enrich your daily life, and remember, assistance is always available from your audiologist or through the easy-to-use apps designed to enhance your hearing experience.

Should you have any more questions or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at We are here to help you make the most of your hearing aids, ensuring that they align perfectly with your lifestyle and needs.

Jonathan Javid Au.D.

Jonathan Javid Au.D., a seasoned audiologist with an extensive background in the field of audiology. With over 11 years of invaluable clinical experience, Jonathan has dedicated his career to helping individuals enhance their hearing and improve their quality of life.

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