Troubleshooting Starkey Hearing Aid Custom Charger

It can be incredibly frustrating when your hearing aids are not working. Most of the time hearing aids fail it is because of a lack of cleaning of the hearing aids. But occasionally it is due to the charger.

This is my personal troubleshooting guide for the Starkey custom charger. It applies to Starkey Evolv AI rechargeable hearing aids and Starkey Livio AI rechargeable hearing aids.

Problem: Lights on the Starkey Charger Are Flashing Red

This is an indicator that the hearing aid isn’t charging but that power is getting to the device.

To fix this pull the hearing aids off and wait ten seconds and then put the hearing aid back on the charger.

If it is still occurring please clean the charger contacts on both the hearing aid and the charger itself by wiping them with an alcohol pad. First, unplug the charger, then simply rub the alcohol pad on the charging ports on the charger and then the charging points on the hearing aid. This will remove any dirt or oil preventing the hearing aid from charging. Let both the aids and charger dry for 1 minute and then try charging the device again.

Clean metal contacts on the charger with an alcohol wipe
Clean 4 metal contacts on the faceplate of the hearing aid with alcohol wipe

If devices still blink red. I recommend you take your hearing aids to your audiologist for repair. Your audiologist will be able to see if a replacement charger is needed or if the hearing aids need to be sent to Starkey for repair.

Problem: I put my hearing aids in the charger but no lights turn on

First, check to see if the lights on the back of the charger glowing or flashing.

 These lights indicate that there is electricity in the charger. If they are flashing the charger itself is charging. The charger has a battery built into it that will store 3 charging cycles. If your lights are not on then the charger is not getting electricity. Check the cord to make sure it is plugged into a USB port or connector box. If it does not work, try a different cord or consider a replacement charger from your audiologist.

See the official Starkey User Guide Here.

Problem: Lights on the back of the charger are light but the front lights are off.

Check to make sure hearing aids are seated correctly. The hearing aids are built so that magnates pull the hearing aid into the right place. However, if the hearing aid has a removal string (the string you grab to pull the hearing aid out of your ear) it often gets in the way of the charging contacts. Pull the hearing aid off and place it back on the charger ensuring that nothing is in between the metal contacts.

The removal string is preventing the hearing aid from charging.

If one hearing aid chargers and the other one does charge, switch the position of the aids. For example, If the right aid charges and the left aid does not charge. Place the left aid on the right charging post. If it charges you know the hearing aid is good and the left charging post is the issue. You may want to consider replacing the charger.

Related Questions:

How long do rechargeable hearing aid batteries last? Starkey rechargeable batteries should last 24 hours of use without being recharged. As the batteries age the time period that they last for decreases. Usually, at the 3-year mark, the aids last about 18 hours. After 4 years, they last about 15 hours. If your batteries do not last long enough for you to wear them all day, consider sending the hearing aids in for repair and having the rechargeable battery replaced.

Should I repair or replace my hearing aids? Most privately purchased hearing aids are replaced every 4-6 years. After 6 years, you definitely want to spend your money on a new pair of hearing aids and get the updated technology. That being said, I replace hearing aids every 4 years because I think the new upgraded technology in the hearing aids is worth the cost.

The cost of a repair out of warranty is usually $450 per aid. Current prices for a new pair of aids can be found here at our partner ziphearing. Only you can decide what is best for your individual situation.

Jonathan Javid Au.D.

Jonathan Javid Au.D., a seasoned audiologist with an extensive background in the field of audiology. With over 11 years of invaluable clinical experience, Jonathan has dedicated his career to helping individuals enhance their hearing and improve their quality of life.

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