Global Manufacturers of Hearing Aids

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Hearing loss affects millions of people worldwide, making the role of the hearing aid manufacturer extremely important. This article explores the major manufacturers of hearing aids, where they are based, and where their products are manufactured.

Parent CompanyHearing Aid BrandManufacturing Location
SonovaPhonakChina, Vietnam, Switzerland
SonovaUnitronChina, Vietnam, Switzerland
SonovaHansatonChina, Vietnam, Switzerland
SonovaAdvanced BionicsChina, Vietnam, Switzerland
GN GroupReSoundChina, Denmark
GN GroupBeltoneChina, Denmark
GN GroupIntertonChina, Denmark
GN GroupJabraChina
SivantosSigniaGermany, China
SivantosWidexDenmark, Estonia
SivantosSiemensGermany, China
SivantosRextonGermany, China
Sivantos / AmplifonMiracle-EarGermany, China
DemantOticonDenmark, Poland, Mexico
DemantBernafonDenmark, Poland, Mexico
DemantSonicDenmark, Poland, Mexico


Phonak, a brand under the Sonova Group, is globally recognized for its innovative solutions in hearing aid technology.

Location DetailsInformation
HeadquartersStäfa, Switzerland
ManufacturingChina, Vietnam, Switzerland

Phonak’s devices are manufactured in Asia and Europe. Their Asia-based facilities are located in China and Vietnam, while the Swiss-based factory produces high-end and custom-made devices.


Oticon, a subsidiary of the Demant Group, is one of the oldest hearing aid manufacturers, known for its high-quality devices.

Location DetailsInformation
HeadquartersSmørum, Denmark
ManufacturingDenmark, Poland, Mexico

Oticon manufactures a significant proportion of their devices in their home country of Denmark, with additional facilities in Poland and Mexico.


ReSound, a brand under the GN Store Nord, is famous for its cutting-edge hearing solutions, which include Bluetooth-compatible devices.

Location DetailsInformation
HeadquartersBallerup, Denmark
ManufacturingChina, Denmark

ReSound’s manufacturing is divided between China and Denmark. This geographical spread allows them to cater to global demand more efficiently.


Starkey is an American-based hearing aid company known for its innovation in hearing technology, including incorporating artificial intelligence in their devices.

Location DetailsInformation
HeadquartersEden Prairie, Minnesota, USA

Starkey proudly manufactures all of its devices in the United States, differentiating it from many other manufacturers.


Widex, also a part of the Demant Group, is known for producing high-quality digital hearing aids.

Location DetailsInformation
HeadquartersLynge, Denmark
ManufacturingDenmark, Estonia

While most of Widex’s manufacturing occurs in Denmark, some production takes place in Estonia, a neighboring Baltic state.


Signia, a brand under the Sivantos Group, offers a broad range of hearing aids, including devices that can stream audio directly from smartphones.

Location DetailsInformation
HeadquartersErlangen, Germany
ManufacturingGermany, China

Signia has manufacturing facilities in Germany and China, allowing them to effectively cater to a worldwide audience.

While most major hearing aid manufacturers are based in Europe and the US, manufacturing is globally distributed, reaching out to Asia and Eastern Europe. This global spread ensures a robust supply chain, enables cost efficiencies, and provides the capacity to meet the ever-growing demand for these essential devices.

Private Labels and Brand Ownership in the Hearing Aid Industry

The hearing aid industry is characterized by a high level of consolidation, with many popular brands owned by a small number of major corporations. These corporations often create private labels for different markets or product lines. The following sections detail the private labels and ownership structures of major hearing aid manufacturers.

GN Group

The GN Group, headquartered in Ballerup, Denmark, owns several hearing aid brands, known for their innovative, quality products.

Parent CompanyPrivate Labels
GN GroupReSound, Beltone, Interton, Jabra


Sivantos Group, originally a division of Siemens, is a prominent player in the hearing aid industry with several well-known brands to its name.

Parent CompanyPrivate Labels
SivantosSignia, Widex, Siemens, Kirtland, Rexton, Miracle-Ear


Sonova, a Swiss company, owns various brands each offering unique benefits and catering to diverse markets.

Parent CompanyPrivate Labels
SonovaPhonak, Unitron, Hansaton, Advanced Bionics, Sennheiser


Starkey Hearing Technologies, a privately-held, global hearing technology company, owns several brands offering a range of devices.

Parent CompanyPrivate Labels
StarkeyNuEar, Audibel, MicroTech

Demant Group

Demant Group, based in Denmark, has a portfolio of hearing aid brands, each with its own unique selling proposition.

Parent CompanyPrivate Labels
DemantOticon, Bernafon, Sonic

These private labels allow corporations to diversify their product offerings and reach different market segments. Each brand, although owned by the same parent company, can cater to unique customer needs and preferences, broadening the corporation’s market reach while also giving consumers a wider range of choices.

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