Oticon Hearing Aids Exposed: Unraveling Costs, Models, and Cutting-Edge Features

Oticon hearing aids all about model features and price

Glimpse into Oticon: Company Overview and Philosophy

Oticon is a Denmark-based company that has been manufacturing high-quality hearing aids for over a century. With a mission of “People First”, Oticon has consistently strived to empower people with hearing loss to communicate, interact and live a full life. They blend technical expertise with a deep understanding of people’s needs to develop solutions that make a real difference in people’s lives.

Oticon’s Unique BrainHearing Approach

Oticon’s BrainHearing philosophy aims to provide clarity and excellent sound quality to users without causing discomfort. By enhancing each of the core technologies used in hearing aids, namely compression, directionality, noise reduction, and feedback management, Oticon ensures that patients don’t have to sacrifice comfort for clarity. In fact, their BrainHearing technology is designed to support the brain in making sense of sound, reducing the cognitive effort required to listen.

Harnessing Artificial Intelligence: The Polaris and Polaris R Chip Platforms

Oticon Polaris R chip for hearing aids. slide from oticon presentation
Slide from Oticon Presentation

Oticon’s hearing aids are powered by the advanced Polaris and Polaris R platforms, which harness the power of artificial intelligence to provide enhanced sound quality. In 2020, Oticon introduced the world’s first hearing aid (Oticon More) with an onboard Deep Neural Network (DNN) that improves the contrast between speech and other sounds in the environment. The Polaris platform takes this further with RealSound Technology and MoreSound Intelligence 2.0, which includes the world’s first wind and handling noise prevention system in a hearing aid.

The newest hearing aid Oticon Real, was also trained using a DNN with over 12 million sound samples to create the most natural-sounding hearing aid in the industry.

A Detailed Review of Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon Real on ear pinna

Oticon offers a wide range of hearing aids, each designed to meet specific user needs. From models designed for children to solutions for veterans, Oticon’s product portfolio is diverse and inclusive.

Summary: Advantages and Shortcomings


  • Advanced technologies like BrainHearing, DNN, and MoreSound Intelligence 2.0
  • Wide range of models catering to specific user needs
  • Robust support and warranty services
  • Innovative accessories and apps for enhanced connectivity


  • Oticon hearing aids may be more expensive than some other brands
  • Some users may find the initial adjustment period challenging

Oticon Hearing Aids: A Look at Flagship Model Oticon Real

The Oticon Real hearing aid is the current answer for all users, it specifically tackled the challenge of wind noise. This model has been specifically designed to combat handling noise (hand touching hearing aid, glasses hitting microphones, short hair making noise) effectively. It uses a wind and handling noise stabilizer that intelligently shuts down the microphones in the frequency ranges where wind noise is detected. Furthermore, Oticon Real hearing aids successfully reduce wind noise by up to 30 dB below 1,500 Hz and up to 20 dB above 1,500 Hz.

Oticon Real and Oticon Own: Personalized Solutions

Oticon own cic, itc, hs, full shell hearing aids next to computer chip
Image courtesy of Oticon

Oticon Real and Oticon Own offer personalized solutions to hearing loss. The Real model is the behind-the-ear RIC product, whereas the Own model uses the exact same technology and components but is packaged inside of the ear as a Completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aid, ITC hearing aid, or full shell device. Both models offer advanced features and can be customized to the user’s unique requirements.

Oticon CROS Solutions: For Unilateral Hearing Loss

Oticon cros hearing aid family, slide from Oticon presentation
Image from Oticon Cros Presentation

For those with unilateral hearing loss, Oticon provides CROS solutions. These hearing aids work by sending the sound from the poorer ear to the better one, ensuring a balanced and natural listening experience. Understand more about Cros hearing aids here.

Oticon Children’s Range: Opn Play and Xceed Play

Oticon’s range for children includes the Opn Play and Xceed Play models. These hearing aids are designed to help children with hearing loss to learn, grow, and live a full life. They come equipped with features like Bluetooth connectivity and rechargeable batteries, making them convenient and reliable.

Pricing and Purchase: Understanding Costs and Locations

Where to Purchase Oticon Hearing Aids: Your Options

Oticon hearing aids can be purchased from a local audiologist or through online platforms like ZipHearing. Purchasing from an audiologist ensures personalized care and proper fitting of the device, while online platforms often offer competitive pricing. It is important to understand if where you are purchasing your devices is offering a bundled or unbundled hearing aid price.

ZipHearing Prices:

ModelPrice (per pair)
Real 1 or Own 1 (premium)$4798
Real 2 or Own 2 (advanced)$3798
Real 3 or Own 3 (basic)$3198

Customizing Your Hearing Experience: Options and Special Features

Oticon hearing aids come with extensive customization options. Users can adjust volume, tinnitus sound, and music equalizer settings through the Oticon Companion app. Moreover, users of Oticon Real can benefit from the Speech Booster feature, which reduces background noise in complex listening environments.

Bluetooth Connectivity with Oticon Real Hearing Aids

Oticon Real hearing aids offer direct streaming capabilities to all Apple iPhone devices as far back as models from 2014. This feature allows users to stream audio directly from their iPhones to their hearing aids, enhancing the quality of music, phone calls, podcasts, and more. The Oticon Companion app also works on the Apple iWatch.

In addition to Apple devices, Oticon Real hearing aids can also directly stream to many Android phones. However, due to the vast number of Android models available, it is recommended that you check the compatibility of your specific phone model. This is to ensure both direct streaming and app functionality will work smoothly.

To check your phone’s compatibility with Oticon Real hearing aids, you can visit the Oticon compatibility page here.

QR code for oticon compatibility check with your phone

This Bluetooth connectivity feature not only allows for direct audio streaming but also enables users to adjust their hearing aid settings via their smartphone. This provides users with a highly personalized hearing experience, as they can adjust volume levels, switch programs, and even track their hearing aid if it is lost, all from their smartphone.

In a world that is increasingly digital and connected, Oticon’s commitment to providing Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids ensures that users stay connected to their devices and the world around them.

Oticon Companion and ON Smartphone Apps: Stay Connected

Oticon offers two unique hearing aid apps: Oticon Companion and Oticon ON. These apps give users more control over their hearing, allowing them to adjust settings, troubleshoot connectivity issues, and even locate lost hearing aids.

Oticon Wireless Hearing Accessories

ConnectClip Microphone: Your Audio Booster

ConnectClip is a multi-functional accessory that allows hands-free streaming of phone calls and audio. It can also act as a remote microphone in various settings. This is necessary to use your hearing aids with Bluetooth if your phone was found to be not compatible.

TV Adapter 3.0: Stream Directly to Your Hearing Aids

The TV Adapter 3.0 allows users to stream sound directly from the TV to their hearing aids, ensuring a clear and immersive listening experience.

Oticon TV adaptor back where cords plug in
Oticon TV adapter plugs into a TV or other audio device to stream sound to hearing aids.

Oticon Chargers: For Rechargeable Models

For users of rechargeable models, Oticon provides reliable and efficient chargers. These chargers ensure that your hearing aids are always ready to use when you need them. If you are having trouble with your charger see my troubleshooting guide.

Oticon Hearing Aids: Insurance Coverage and Warranties

Warranties on Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon offers comprehensive warranties on its hearing aids. Most purchases automatically come with a 2-year warranty but some clinics may offer 3-year warranties. This covers all repairs as well as a one time Loss and Damage (L&D) policy.

The Professional’s View: What Audiologists Say About Oticon

As an audiologist, I can vouch for the advanced technologies and comprehensive features that Oticon hearing aids offer. Oticon is always high on my recommendations for hearing aids. Whether it’s the BrainHearing philosophy, the use of artificial intelligence, or the extensive customization options, Oticon consistently delivers high-quality hearing solutions that cater to diverse user needs.

Who is the Ideal User of Oticon Hearing Aids?

The ideal user of Oticon hearing aids is someone who values clarity and comfort in their hearing experience. Whether you’re struggling with wind noise, require a personalized hearing solution, or need a hearing aid for a child, Oticon has a model that can meet your needs.

Moreover, Oticon hearing aids are also an excellent choice for professionals who work in challenging auditory environments. These include board rooms, courtrooms, bus driving, or waiting tables, where the ability to hear clearly and accurately is crucial.

In board rooms or courtrooms, the ability to hear and understand every word is essential. The Oticon Real hearing aids, for instance, feature advanced noise reduction technologies such as the MoreSound Intelligence 2.0 and the Speech Booster, which help to reduce background noise and enhance speech clarity. This is especially useful in situations where multiple people are speaking, or where there’s a significant amount of ambient noise.

Bus drivers need to be aware of their surroundings at all times, which includes being able to hear passenger interactions, traffic noises, and navigational instructions clearly. The wind noise reduction feature in Oticon hearing aids is particularly beneficial in this scenario, helping to maintain a consistent volume level and reduce the distraction caused by wind noise.

Waitresses and waiters work in bustling environments where they must accurately hear and remember customer orders amid a constant backdrop of chatter, clattering dishes, and kitchen noises. The rapid noise removal technology in Oticon hearing aids helps to improve the signal-to-noise ratio in such noisy environments, making it easier for waitstaff to focus on customer interactions.

In all these scenarios, the ability to customize the hearing aid settings according to the specific needs of the environment through the Oticon Companion app can be highly beneficial. The app allows users to adjust volume levels and select specific programs designed for different listening situations.

Addressing Your Concerns: Oticon Hearing Aids FAQ

Is Oticon Available Through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs?

Yes, Oticon hearing aids are available through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. In fact, they are the second most ordered manufacturer of hearing aids by the VA.

Can Multiple Sets of Oticon Hearing Aids Connect with the TV Adapter?

Yes, multiple sets of Oticon hearing aids can connect with the TV Adapter 3.0. So if you and your wife both have hearing aids, you only need one TV adapter.

Does Oticon Cater to Children’s Hearing Needs?

Absolutely. Oticon offers hearing aids specifically designed for children, such as the Opn Play and Xceed Play models.

Are Oticon Hearing Aids Bluetooth Compatible?

Yes, Oticon hearing aids are Bluetooth compatible. They can directly stream to all Apple iPhone devices going back to 2014 models and many Android phones.

What Kind of Warranty Does Oticon Offer?

Oticon offers comprehensive warranties on its hearing aids. The exact terms of the warranty can vary based on the specific model and where the hearing aids are purchased.

Can Oticon Hearing Aids Be Controlled Via an App?

Yes, Oticon hearing aids can be controlled via the Oticon Companion app. This app allows users to adjust volume levels, switch programs, and even track their hearing aid if it is lost.

Do Oticon Hearing Aids Help with Tinnitus?

Yes, some models of Oticon hearing aids have features designed to help manage tinnitus. These features include tinnitus sound generators, which produce sounds that help distract the brain from the perception of tinnitus.

Are Oticon Hearing Aids Rechargeable?

Yes, many Oticon hearing aids models are rechargeable. Oticon offers reliable and efficient chargers for these models.

Concluding Remarks on Oticon Hearing Aids: Final Review

Oticon’s dedication to providing advanced, personalized hearing solutions is evident in its wide range of products and features. From their innovative use of artificial intelligence to their commitment to clarity and comfort, Oticon hearing aids are designed to enhance the listening experience of users. I highly recommend these devices. I rely on Oticon hearing aids to help my patient and am confident that your audiologist will also recommend Oticon as an outstanding brand of hearing aids.

Jonathan Javid Au.D.

Jonathan Javid Au.D., a seasoned audiologist with an extensive background in the field of audiology. With over 11 years of invaluable clinical experience, Jonathan has dedicated his career to helping individuals enhance their hearing and improve their quality of life.

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