Quick Troubleshooting Guide for Oticon Hearing Aids Questions

Oticon makes fantastic products and I very much like the brand. I wanted to write simple answers to common questions with their devices. I hope you can find the answer you seek.

These questions apply to the following aids:

  1. Oticon Opn (2018)
  2. Oticon Opn S (2019)
  3. Oticon Opn Play (2019)
  4. Oticon Xceed (2019)
  5. Oticon Ruby (2020)
  6. Oticon More (2021)
  7. Oticon Real (2023)

Pairing Oticon Hearing Aids

To pair your Oticon hearing aids with a Phone, follow these steps:

Pairing to an Apple iPhone

  1. Turn on Bluetooth on your device
  2. Turn your hearing aid off (see below if you need help)
  3. Turn the hearing aid back on
  4. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Hearing Devices
  5. After a minute of searching hearing aids should appear on screen.
  6. Wait until it says (R+L), meaning both right and left aids are ready to connect.
  7. Click on your hearing aid name and devices will connect.
  8. Tip – If aids do not appear on the screen, restart them again (only in pairing mode for 2 minutes)

Pairing to an Android Phone

Aids must be paired via the Oticon Companion App. Download app and follow the instructions in the app.

Changing Wax Guards on Oticon Hearing Aids

How to Change Oticon ProWax and ProWax Minifit Wax Guards

Oticon uses two similar wax traps for their hearing aids. They are the ProWax and the ProWax minifit. 

They are the same except for the size of the diameter of the wax trap. Unfortunately, they are not interchangeable and there is no simple method to tell which size your hearing aid takes.

Generally speaking, if your hearing aid has a dome on the end of it, you will use the ProWax Minifit and if it has a custom earmold on the aid it will take the original ProWax. 
However, Oticon does change this depending on the same of the ear canal and the product. If you do not know which one to order, you may just have to take a guess.

  1. Remove a new applicator tool from its package. 
  2. Push the side that does not have a white wax trap on it into the end of the used wax filter on your hearing aid. 
  3. Pull out the applicator and the old wax trap should be attached.
  4. Move the applicator over to the new ProWax lines up with the receiver port. Push the new ProWax into the hearing aid.
  5. Remove the applicator and discard it.

You can purchase additional Oticon Prowax filters and ProWax MiniFit filters on amazon.
To change the Oticon Prowax filter or the ProWax miniFit please follow these steps. 

The above Images are courtesy of Oticon user manuals.

Turning Off Oticon Hearing Aids

For Standard Batteries

To turn off your Oticon hearing aids, simply open the battery doors. This will disconnect the power source and turn off the hearing aids.

Turning Off Oticon Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Option one: Put hearing aids in a charger and hearing aids will automatically turn off

Option two: Hold the button on the hearing aid for 4 seconds until the light flashes orange.

Restarting Oticon Hearing Aids

To restart your Oticon hearing aids, open and close the battery doors. This will reset the hearing aids and may help resolve any issues you are experiencing. If you have a rechargeable hearing aid, place hearing aid in the charger for 3 seconds and then pull it out again.

Cleaning Oticon Hearing Aids

To clean your Oticon hearing aids, follow these steps:

  1. Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe down the hearing aids
  2. Use the cleaning tool provided to remove any wax or debris from the sound outlet and microphone
  3. Use a dry brush to gently clean the receiver and dome.
  4. Replace wax traps as noted above

Turning On Oticon Hearing Aids

To turn on your Oticon hearing aids, simply close the battery doors. This will connect the power source and turn on the hearing aids.

For Rechargeable aids, how down button push-button for 4 seconds until the light flashes green.

Changing Domes on Oticon Hearing Aids

To change the domes on your Oticon hearing aids, follow these steps:

  1. Gently pull the dome off the hearing aid receiver
  2. Choose the new dome size and slide it onto the receiver until it clicks into place

Changing Rechargeable Batteries on Oticon Hearing Aids

If your Oticon hearing aids have rechargeable batteries, you do not need to change them. Simply place the hearing aids in the charging station when the batteries are low.

The FDA does not allow non-professionals to change lithium-ion batteries. But if you are a professional, open the battery door by sticking a pin tool into the hole on the bottom of the aid and the battery door will open. Replacement batteries are covered under Oticon repair warranties.

Using the Oticon Companion App

To use the Oticon Companion app, download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Once downloaded, follow the instructions to connect your hearing aids to the app and customize your hearing experience.

Finding Lost Oticon Hearing Aids

If you have misplaced your Oticon hearing aids, use the “Find My Hearing Aids” feature on the Oticon Companion app. The app needed to have been downloaded and connected to the hearing aids before the aids were lost.

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