Troubleshooting Lexie B2 Powered By Bose Hearing Aids: Fix by Replacing Receiver

Your Lexie B2 Powered by Bose hearing aids are good devices but they break just like any other hearing aid. This guide is meant to help you troubleshoot the issues so you know if you can fix the device or if you just need to replace it together.

This article assumes you already changed the wax guard of the hearing aids and it is not the issue. If you have not tried to change the wax guard please do so before starting these instructions.

You might need to replace the wire if it is too long or too short when you first bought the device. Follow the instructions on this page to do so. This article is written from the point of view of troubleshooting if the receiver needs to be replaced.

The Hearing Aid Receiver: Most Likely Piece That Needs to Be Replaced

A hearing aid receiver, also known as a speaker is a small component in a hearing aid that converts amplified electrical signals from the hearing aid’s processor into a sound that is delivered directly into the ear canal. On the Lexie B2 hearing aids it is the wire that goes from the hearing aid into your ear canal.

Lexie Reciever

Test Out If the Receiver is The Broken Piece

If one hearing aid still works and the opposite does not work, there is a simple way to tell if you need a replacement receiver.

Removed the receiver from the aid that doesn’t work. For this example, we will say it is my right hearing aid that does not work.

  1. Remove the right receiver that does not work and set it aside.
  2. Remove the left receiver from the working hearing aid.
  3. Attach the left receiver to the right hearing aid temporally.
  4. If the aid is now functional, you can tell the right receiver was the bad part and it needs a new replacement. If it still does not work, you need a new device. Contact Lexie Support in the app if the aid is within 1 year of the purchase or if you need to buy a new hearing aid.

How to Remove A Receiver and Place A New One On Hearing Aid.

Push your fingernail in between the receiver and the hearing aid.

Pull the receiver straight out of the Lexie B2 Hearing Aid.

Now you can put the new receiver in.

How to Buy Replacement Receiver

Replacing a receiver is 8 times cheaper than buying a new hearing aid and overall an easy DIY repair.

But a new one at the lexie store. Follow the link> Hover over OTC Hearing Aids tab> click on Accessories.

From there scroll down to the receivers at the bottom of the page.

Find the size you need and order. The aids originally came with a size 2. You can check on your old wire what number it had on it. A blue wire means it is for the left ear hearing aid, a red wire means it is for the right ear hearing aid.

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