Rechargeable Hearing Aid Battery Draining Too Fast

How to Fix a Hearing Aid Battery That Doesn’t Last All Day

Almost all new rechargeable hearing aids are built to last for over 24 hours before they need to be recharged. However, if your aid no longer lasts a full day then the battery needs to be replaced. To do this the hearing aid has to be sent back to the manufacturer.

Rechargeable hearing aids are now made out of lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are the same as the ones that are used on cell phones or laptops. Over time they start to last fewer and fewer hours before a recharge is needed. Generally speaking, the hearing aid rechargeable battery should last 4 years before it needs to be replaced.

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How to get your rechargeable hearing aid repaired.

If you purchased the hearing aid from an audiologist or hearing instrument specialist you should take the aid back to them for repair. They will likely need to send it back to the manufacturer for a complete refurbishment. Usually, it takes 1-2 weeks for the hearing aid to get back to you but you will basically have a brand new hearing aid.

If you no longer live close to the location that sold you the device, you should be able to take it to any local audiologist and they should be able to assist you. Check out to find a new local audiologist.

If you purchased the hearing aid online, you can check with the manufacturer of the device. However, my guess is that it may be less expensive to buy a brand-new device instead of refurbishing the old device.

Unfortunately, there is no DIY method of replacing a lithium-ion battery yourself if your hearing aid manufacturer is Starkey, Phonak, Resound, Signia, Rexton, Unitron, Kirtland (Costco). However, you may be in luck if your hearing aid is Oticon aid, you could do it yourself.

The reason that you can not do this yourself is that the FDA states that lithium-ion batteries are toxic if consumed and so they must be replaced by a professional. The difference between a hearing aid battery and a cell phone battery is the size. It would be difficult to swallow a phone battery but easy to swallow a hearing aid battery.

Cost of Rechargeable Hearing Aid Battery Replacement.

If you purchased the hearing aid less than 2 years ago, the lithium-ion battery replacement and any other repair should be completely free of charge as the hearing aid will still be under a manufacturer warranty. If the hearing aid is over 2 years old, the repair will likely run you around $150-$200 per hearing aid.

Pro Tip: Send your hearing aid in for repair/refurbishment right before the warranty expires. Yes, you will be without it for a few weeks but you get back a brand new hearing aid.

Check to see if your aid is under warranty

I wish I could point you to a website where you could type in the serial numbers of your hearing aids and it tells you if the hearing aid is under warranty or not. However, such a site does not exist. So you can find the paperwork that came with your hearing aids or call your local audiologist.

The audiologist is able to call the manufacturer directly and find out the date that the warranty ends. Typically, hearing aid warranties last 2 full years from the date of purchase. However, some promotions sometimes lengthen those warranties to 3 years.

Another Possible Issue is the Hearing Aid Charger

Check to see if the charger is the issue with the hearing aid not lasting all day. You can do this by simply placing the problematic hearing aid on the opposite side of the charger. For example, if it is the right hearing aid that does not last all day, charge it on the left (blue) side of the hearing aid charger.

If you find that this is the problem, you will need to get a new charger. Chargers are not under warranty from any manufacturer so you will have to buy a replacement.

You can either buy one through your audiologist or online.

If you need a new charger follow the links to buy a new one on Amazon but make sure you buy the one from your hearing aid manufacturer.

Make the rechargeable hearing aid battery last longer

Hearing aid batteries drain fastest when they are connected to external accessories. Typically the biggest power drain on hearing aids is when they are directly connected to a cell phone. If you turn off the Bluetooth on your phone it will disconnect the hearing aid from your cell phone and the battery will last longer.

In addition to cell phones, if you are using a TV streamer, remote microphone, or other hearing aid accessory these will also cause additional power drain.

I am not telling you to stop using these great accessories but just letting you know that if you wish to make the battery last longer then stop using any accessories.

Charge the hearing aid as often as possible. This advice may be too late if you are already running into power drain issues but charging the battery every night while you sleep will help preserve the battery. You do not want the battery to ever reach 0%.

Typical Life of Hearing Aid Rechargeable Batteries

A full charge on hearing aids should last over a full day of wear time. For example, a Phonak Paradise rechargeable hearing aid will last over 30 hours of use before it needs to be recharged and could be recharged in a car.. If you add in 6 hours of streaming into the equation, The battery should still last over 20 hours. The average full-time hearing aid user only wears their hearing aids for 12 hours a day. Thus your battery shouldn’t get below 50% or so for the first year.

However, as your hearing aid gets older and older the batteries will drain faster.


Always send your hearing aids in for repair in their last month of warranty for refurbishment. They will replace the rechargeable batteries and ensure the aid is fully functional. As the aid is still under warranty, it will not cost you anything.

I have heard every hearing aid manufacturer claim that the rechargeable batteries should last over 5-6 years which is the typical life expectancy of the hearing aid. That being said, I, as an audiologist, have sent in hundreds of hearing aids for repair due to excessive battery drain.

Related Questions

Are there any hearing aids that have replaceable rechargeable batteries? When rechargeable hearing aids were brand new (2017-2019) there was a company called Z-power that made silver-zinc batteries. However, due to multiple issues with the batteries dying quickly hearing aid manufacturers shifted to lithium-ion batteries. If your hearing aid uses the Z-power silver-zinc batteries, the best place to buy them is Amazon.

When should I buy new hearing aids? Most hearing aid users replace hearing aids every 4-6 years. Once hearing aids are older than 6 years, technology has improved enough that you will benefit from a new set. Repairs also increase in cost the older a hearing aid gets.

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